Adventure Trekking and Fitness

Adventure trekking and fitness complement each other . So we can say that adventure trekking requires a good fitness level and its also a fact that a good fitness level can be achieved through adventure trekking !


  • physical stamina
  • mental strength
  • positive attitude
  • an overall good fitness level

It is a fact that all the above mentioned qualities are essential for adventure trekking but it is also true that even the people who have below average fitness levels can make themselves extremely fit & healthy by taking up Adventure Trekking , even as a hobby . Let see how trekking makes one fitter & healthier :


  • trekking on mountain slopes is a perfect cardio for heart & body !
  • while trekking on mountain slopes you burn more calories than on a treadmill !
  • it strengthens calf , thigh & back muscles !
  • trekking strengthens ankle , knee & pelvic joints !
  • it improves overall blood circulation in the body !
  • trekking increases the Basal Metabolic Rate of the body , so it helps in weight loss !
  • trekking reduces the blood glucose level so its good for diabetics !
  • while trekking uphill you take in more oxygen as you gasp for breath which improves lung capacity !
  • trekking gives you mental strength as you strive to reach the trek destination !
  • trekking gives you a positive attitude in life that if you make up your mind you can achieve any goal or aim in your  life !