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Treks Near Dehradun

Dehradun being located in the foothills of Shivalik Mountains is a heaven for adventure trekkers & nature lovers . This means that one doesn’t have to travel too far to be in the lap of mountains . In fact the average size of this city is 10 x 10 km , so its just 25-30 min of drive and you are in the mountains . The famous hill station Mussoorie and the surrounding hills are probably visible from every rooftop in Dehradun ! About Author Raman Sharma is the founder of Eco Trekking Club & TrailHikers, who has 22 years of experience in Himalayan exploration as...

clouds over the beautiful valley forest !


ADVENTURE         FUN        LEARNING        TREKKING         HIKING Eco Trekking Club (ETC) offers to take the trekkers to the most amazing , scenic & challenging treks in and around Dehradun . Our team has explored many new trek trails in the Dehradun – Mussoorie region . These treks are scenic & beautiful as well as challenging enough for the ultimate adventure enthusiasts : Day Treks : Go to amazing day treks near Dehradun ! Trek to Nunes – Bakarna – Chhaskhet : A perfect day trek starting from Dehradun that takes you to a scenic place called Chhaskhet in the Dehradun –  Mussoorie region at an...