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ECO-TRAILS is a huge environmental initiative founded & taken up by Eco Trekking Club (ETC) in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand . ETC uses its Eco-Trails initiative to promote ecological awareness , nature conservation & tree plantation through adventure trekking in this region .


a logo showing trekkers planting tree saplings in the mountains


Ecological Awareness –

ETC educates trekkers , adventure enthusiasts & village people about the ecology of a particular region , about flora & fauna , surface & ground water systems etc. .

Nature Conservation –

ETC educates the adventure seekers & village people about the importance of keeping our mountains in their pristine form . Every trekker who joins us is a part of Eco-Trails initiative for nature conservation . Some of our initiatives are :

  • Leaving mountains in a better condition than we found them in by stopping littering & by bringing back the non – biodegradable waste .
  • Checking the pollution of our water sources in the mountains and educating tourists & locals about these .
  • Educating trekkers/villagers to respect the ecosystem & animal habitats to save our precious forests .
  • To report matters like illegal cutting down of trees , wildlife poaching , illegal mining of river beds to the concerned authorities and to make tourists & village people stand up against these .
  • Mass plantation of trees which are ecologically suited to the region by joining the efforts of trekkers & villagers .

Tree Plantation :

a logo showing trekkers planting tree saplings in the mountains


ETC organizes special ECO-TRAIL TREKS in the Himalayan region with a sole purpose of planting tree saplings along the trek trails and in the areas where the forest cover has depleted . Here are some features of this initiative :

  • Trekkers are briefed in detail about how to plant saplings before they leave for the trek .
  • Each trekker carries about 12-15 saplings to plant in the mountains .
  • Trees saplings are carefully selected by ETC by consulting various Forest experts .
  • Trekkers also involve village people along the trail to plant trees .
  • Local villagers are briefed by the ETC team to take care & water the saplings wherever they can .