Night Halt Treks

clouds over green mountain valley

Night Halt Treks !

ECO TREKKING CLUB (ETC) organizes night halt treks with 2-3 days duration for which night accommodation is set up in camping tents or village huts . ETC sets up very comfortable night stay for trekkers so that they can rest nicely and get ready for next day’s trek . ETC makes sure that the food prepared for trekkers is highly nutritious and easily digestible !


  • trekkers get sufficient rest after trekking all day !
  • a good night sleep will charge you up for next day’s trekking !
  • explore campsites & local area near village huts !
  • see the healthy & tough lifestyle of people living in the hills !
  • indulge in wild life spotting , photography , star gazing etc. !
  • witness their amazing hospitality – food , comfort & behavior !