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The Clouds On The Trail To Bhadraj Hill !

About Bhadraj Hill :

A temple of lord Balbhadra (lord Krishna’s brother) is situated here and about 100 m above is the Bhadraj peak at 2450 m / 8038 ft . From here one can see the higher Himalayan peaks like Swargarohini & Bandarpunchh .  An annual fair is held at the temple from 15th to 17th Aug . There are many trails that lead to Bhadraj Hill . It can be reached from Mussoorie (via Clouds End & Benog Hill) as well as Dehradun(via Bakarna-Chhaskhet-Dhudhli) .

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Raman Sharma is the founder of Eco Trekking Club & TrailHikers, who has 22 years of experience in Himalayan exploration as he has been exploring the Himalayan region since 1994. He is an adventurer, explorer, travel blog writer. Besides holding an M.Sc. in Geology & Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy, he is also a trained & certified mountaineer.

Here I am giving the trek details for Bhadraj Hill by taking Dehradun as the starting base .The trek to Nunes-Bakarna-Chaskhet is actually a part of this two day long Bhadraj trek .The trek itinerary is as follows :

Getting to Jantanwala : Regular bus service from the Parade ground (Dehradun) to Jantanwala runs from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm .


Jantanwala to Bakarna:

  • We start this trek at Jantanwala village in the Pachhwadun region of Dehradun at 10:00 am . After about 15 minutes of walking we cross the Nun river on our left towards a fresh water source to fill our water bottles . Again we cross the river and walk towards Jhariwala village at the base of the Santla Devi temple . From Jhariwala its about 15-20 min of level walking alongside Nun river on our left and mountains on the right side . After this , the trail becomes steep in gradient and enters in the dense Sal forests while you can still hear the sound of the river below . About 40 min on this trail and we reach village Nunes (972m) , our first resting point at around 11:30 am. Its a beautiful village alongside Nun river . Trekkers relax at a tea/snacks hut in the village . The village people are mostly farmers , very warm and hospitable . After taking some rest the trekkers resume the trail into a dense tree & shrub forest which is almost zigzag climbing , which is easy on legs and also gives a breathtaking view of the valley . At this point you also start to appreciate the gain of altitude as you start getting broader views of the valley . After about 30-40 min of trekking we reach the Bakarna village (1100m) , our second resting point at around 12:00 noon. A small village hut here is a tea/snacks point where the trekkers can take rest , have tea and snacks or explore the surroundings for photography or wildlife .You can spot many species of birds here specially during the monsoon season .

Bakarna to Chhaskhet:

  • As we leave this village the scenery gets beautiful with every step and the wind gets colder . After walking along the village fields for 10 minutes , we enter a very steep gradient in the trek . An average trekker takes about 45-50 minutes to cover this stretch which takes you an altitude of 1520 m . The trek now becomes a mix of flat and slight incline through the scented trees & shrubs . An hour through this trail and we reach  the ever amazing place called Chhaskhet (1850 m) at around 2:30 pm, a lush green village with crystal clear water streams . In the monsoons , its more fun as the clouds touch your face as they pass which gives you a soothing experience . An old village hut in the end of the village is our resting point where we have our lunch . After lunch and a little rest trekkers explore the local area around the village which is a great opportunity for nature lovers & photographers !

Chhaskhet to Dhudhli:

  • From Chhaskhet onwards we experience an entirely new scenery , hill vegetation & cold weather . The beginning part of this trail is very steep through small bushes for about 30 minutes after which a clearing flat area comes where during the Bhadraj Annual fair (15th to 17th Aug) you can find many temporary shops selling tea & bread pakoras . After this the trail is mostly level or slight incline for about an hour , giving trekkers the breathtaking views of the Mussoorie – Jaunpur range . After this is a 150 m stretch of steep gradient and about 1.5 km of level/slight incline trail and we reach village Dhudhli ( Milkman’s village , alt 2100m) at around 5:00 pm . Night accommodation for trekkers is arranged in village huts which are warm and comfortable . Trekkers are given an evening refreshment after which they can explore the local area for wildlife & photography . Dinner is served in the huts at 8:00 pm sharp . If the heavens are not pouring we have bon-fires , special folk tales & song sessions by local hill people and lots of other activities .


Dhudhli to Bhadraj Hill :

  • In the morning we start at around 8:00 am walking out of Dhudhli towards the Bhadraj Hill (around 5 km) . As we are just out of the village after half a km we step into a huge grass meadow which in monsoons has many small ponds . From this place onwards one has to be careful about leeches , its better if you keep checking the area around your socks every ten minutes . I must say the scenery now is just amazing , heavenly & mesmerizing ! You can feel the purity in the air as you breathe and feel blessed as your eyes get soothing views with every step . This trail is mostly a mix of level & slight incline for most of the part . After about an hour & a half , the trail turns a little steep but zigzag , easy to trek . In about half an hour we are at a level platform like clearing at the base of the Bhadraj peak and near the Bhadraj temple at around 10:30 am . Trekkers take about 15-20 min rest and then first trek to the Bhadraj temple and then proceed towards the Bhadraj peak (8038 ft). If the weather is clear , we get a beautiful view of higher Himalayan peaks like the Swargarohini & Bandarpunchh .
  • Trekkers start descending down the trail at 12:00 noon . We reach Dhudhli at around 1:45pm  and have lunch there . It takes less time to walk down the trail so trekkers have enough time for fun , photos & riverside activities. From Dhudhli we follow the same trail via Chhaskhet , Bakarna & Nunes and reach our starting point Jantanwala at around 5:30 pm .

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