Trek to Nunes – Bakarna – Chhaskhet Best Day Trek in Dehradun

clouds over the beautiful valley forest !

The Amazing Trek to Nunes – Bakarna – Chhaskhet !

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Getting to Jhariwala : It is situated near the Santa Devi temple in Dehradun . Regular bus service from the Parade ground to Jantanwala runs from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm . From Jantanwala , its a 15 min walk to Jhariwala , our starting point !

Jhariwala to Nunes –

  • It is a challenging & beautiful day trek which starts from a village Jhariwala (near Santa Devi temple) at an altitude of about 700 m along the Nun river flowing on the left side and mountains on the right side . After about 15-20 minutes of level walking , the trail becomes a steep ascent towards the village Nunes . At this point the trail is in the dense Sal forests with the sound of the river flowing down the valley . In about 40-50 min we reach the Nunes village (972 m) which is the first resting point on this trail . It is a beautiful village along the river Nun . The village people are farmers , very warm & hospitable . Trekkers can rest here for 15-20 min at a local tea/snacks point run by a village woman .

Nunes to Bakarna –

  •  After taking some rest the trekkers resume the trail into a dense tree & shrub forest which is almost zigzag climbing , which is easy on legs and also gives a breathtaking view of the valley . At this point you also start to appreciate the gain of altitude as you start getting broader views of the valley . After about 30-40 min of trekking we reach the Bakarna village (1100m) , our second resting point . A small village hut here is a tea/snacks point where the trekkers can take rest , have tea and snacks or explore the surroundings for photography or wildlife .You can spot many species of birds here specially during the monsoon season .

Bakarna to Chhaskhet –

  •  As we leave this village the scenery gets beautiful with every step and the wind gets colder . After walking along the village fields for 10 minutes , we enter a very steep gradient in the trek . An average trekker takes about 45-50 minutes to cover this stretch which takes you an altitude of 1520 m . The trek now becomes a mix of flat and slight incline through the scented trees & shrubs . An hour through this trail and we reach our trek destination , the ever amazing place called Chhaskhet (1850 m) , a lush green village with crystal clear water streams . In the monsoons , its more fun as the clouds touch your face as they pass which gives you a soothing experience . An old village hut in the end of the village is our resting point where we have our lunch . After lunch and a little rest we explore the local area around the village which is a great opportunity for nature lovers & photographers !


  • After an hour and a half we start descending down the trail towards our starting point and reach there by 5:00 pm .

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